Community leader Barry Mendelson Joins Board of Directors at Youth Homes, Inc

[Concord, California, May 2023] — Youth Homes, Inc., a leading non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and nurturing environments for at-risk youth, is pleased to announce the appointment of Barry Mendelson to its esteemed Board of Directors. Mendelson’s passion for helping those in need and his extensive philanthropic experience make him an invaluable addition to the organization.

With a track record of philanthropic work that have positively impacted countless lives, Barry Mendelson brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to making a difference in the community. As a member of the Board of Directors at Youth Homes, he will play a vital role in shaping the strategic direction of the organization and furthering its mission of empowering at-risk youth.

Mendelson’s dedication to improving the lives of underserved individuals aligns perfectly with Youth Homes’ core values. Since its inception in 1965, Youth Homes has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive support to young people facing complex mental health and behavioral challenges. By offering a wide range of programs rooted in a trauma-informed approach to care, the organization has transformed the lives of countless youth and their families.

Through its innovative initiatives, Youth Homes addresses the essential needs of these vulnerable individuals, creating safe environments and providing therapeutic support to foster optimism and confidence for the future. With 90% of the youth served by Youth Homes struggling with unresolved trauma due to experience with or exposure to various forms of abuse and neglect, the organization’s dedicated team of clinicians and counselors are committed to implementing personalized strategies that help each individual heal and grow.

Barry Mendelson’s philanthropic endeavors have often focused on supporting those experiencing psychological trauma, making his appointment to Youth Homes’ Board of Directors particularly fitting. His deep understanding of the challenges faced by many in our community, coupled with his commitment to effecting positive change, will undoubtedly enhance Youth Homes’ efforts to empower at-risk youth.

“I am honored to join the Board of Directors at Youth Homes and contribute to the organization’s remarkable work,” said Barry Mendelson. “By providing comprehensive care and support to at-risk youth, we can make a profound impact on their lives and pave the way for a brighter future. I am excited to work alongside the dedicated team at Youth Homes and collaborate on strategies that will empower these young individuals to overcome adversity.”

Youth Homes is proud of its long-standing partnerships with county agencies, educators, social workers, courts, and clinicians, which enable the organization to deliver holistic care and support. Together, they are committed to fostering a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing, while advocating for the well-being and rights of all youth.

The addition of Barry Mendelson to the Board of Directors at Youth Homes, Inc. marks a significant milestone in the organization’s ongoing efforts to expand its reach and impact. With his invaluable expertise and unwavering dedication to serving the underserved, Youth Homes is poised to continue its mission of transforming lives and creating positive, sustainable change in the community.

About Youth Homes, Inc.:

Youth Homes, Inc. is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and nurturing environments for at-risk youth. Since 1965, the organization has offered comprehensive programs rooted in a trauma-informed approach to care, empowering young people and their families to overcome mental health and behavioral challenges. With a focus on creating positive, sustainable change, Youth Homes delivers personalized support, therapeutic interventions, and community partnerships that transform lives. For more information, please visit