Important milestones achieved by your ZRC Wealth Management team!

Barry Mendelson, CFP® – Wealth Advisor

In September, Barry and Kristin’s oldest daughter Sydney began her freshman year at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is enrolled in the College of the Environment studying environmental and earth sciences. Go Dawgs! Be boundless. To connect with her on LinkedIn click here.

Ryan Kosakura, CFA, CFP® – Wealth Advisor

When I think about milestones, my 35th high school reunion didn’t strike me as significant until I spent time thinking back to those years. What was so special about 1987 – was it the music (Springsteen, Run DMC, The Go-Go’s, and U2)? Ray-Bans or Izod shirts? Phones with long, spiraled extension cords so you could talk in your room late at night? Don’t get me wrong, all of that is awesome which is why I have enjoyed all of the 80s references while binge watching Stranger Things and Cobra Kai on Netflix. Yet there had to be something more…

For me, this recent reunion was a marker, a stage of development, just as high school was in the 1980’s. Back then, life was all about “me” – having fun with friends, playing sports, getting good grades for college and an eventual career. Thirty-five years later, there is a shift in conversations from “me” to “we”. Instead of talking about how happiness and success, the discussions frequently go to the deeper/darker topics and shared experiences such as a cancer diagnosis, aging/passing parents, caregiving, divorce, and depression. I also heard amazing stories of classmates getting married, their kids going off to college, hiking the John Muir Trail and the Camino de Santiago, starting new businesses, and writing books. One friend reunited with his high school crush and they are now living happily in Santa Barbara.

What I have learned in the last 35 years is that friendships and connections are much more meaningful to me than material things. Wanting “more” is human, being grateful for “enough” is bliss. So how do we best tackle the later chapters of our lives? We do it together, and hope we make it to the 50th year reunion.

Kevin Goulding, MBA, CFP® – Wealth Advisor

Oftentimes milestones are measured in how long you’ve been doing something. My milestone is something that I have not done is a very long time.

In September, just after Labor Day, I backpacked the Ansel Adams Wilderness with two good friends. It was my first time backpacking in the eastern Sierras and 40 years since the last time I slapped a pack on and ventured out into the wilderness. It was a wonderful experience!

Liz Tracy – Client Service & Operations Manager

After visiting Oregon’s Rogue Valley for many years, my husband and I finally took the plunge and moved into our new home there last week. We love it!

The Rogue Valley has a vibrant arts scene and beautiful outdoor areas. We’ll enjoy attending the Shakespeare Festival, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and skiing Mount Ashland. And we’re excited to explore the Applegate and Rogue Valley wine regions. I’ll continue to support our wonderful ZRC clients remotely.