Looking for a good summer read? Here’s some ideas from your ZRC Wealth Management team

Ryan Kosakura, CFA, CFP®:   Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World  by David Epstein.

College students trying to decide on a career path and friends looking to change careers or transition to retirement might enjoy this read. Ryan likes how, instead of following the old-school advice of “starting with the end goal and never stopping until your get there”, this book suggests that you start where you are, be curious, try new things and keep doing more of what you really enjoy. Chances are, you don’t really know what you really want until you try lots of things. Enjoy the search! 

Kevin Goulding, MBA, CFP®:   Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell  by David Yaffe

Rolling Stone called her “one of the greatest songwriters ever”. Joni Mitchell is Kevin’s favorite female recording artist. The author David Yaffe’s exploration of Joni’s creative career provides fascinating insights about her influences like Dyan, Nietzsche, Brando and Mr. Kratzmann, her seventh-grade teacher. It chronicles her resilience in overcoming setbacks including childhood polio, dimwitted reviews, disappointing sales, and substance addiction, among them a four-pack-a-day cigarette habit that affected her voice.

Kelly Gillette, Client Service Manager: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay

First published in 1841, this read is often cited as the best book ever written about market psychology. Kelly likes this book due to her fascination with mob mentality and the psychology behind popular trends. Those behaviors influence markets, politics, media, fashion, entertainment, and other facets of humanity. This book tells great stories about the follies of humankind.

Liz Tracy, Operations Manager: Atomic Habits: An Easy Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

Liz really enjoyed how this book makes it clear that every action you take casts a vote for the type of person you wish to become. Changes in your behavior slowly change your identity so by changing habits over time you can change your life! Getting 1% better every day counts a lot in the long run.

Barry Mendelson, CFP®: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella  

An accomplished skier, cyclist, and endurance athlete, Barry is always seeking ways to improve his performance (both in and out of the office). Golf is one of the most mentally challenging sports and excelling at it requires a Zen-like mindset. As one of the world’s leading golf performance consultants, Dr. Bob Rotella trains athletes to have the right attitude and mindset so they can achieve their peak performance.