Please take a minute to review the topics and questions below. Check off any concerns you have right now. Chances are we have information that will help us address many of the issues that may worry you.


Has your address, phone number, or email address changed? What is your household income?


□ Will my money last through retirement? How do I manage and forecast our cash flow?
□ What is the best way to withdraw money from our various investment accounts?
□ What should I do with my employer retirement plan (401K)?
□ When should my spouse and I begin taking Social Security?
□ What do I need to do now so that I can retire in five years?
□ Do you have any recommendations to help a couple ease into retirement?


□ How much should I save for college? When should I start planning?
□ What are my college savings options?
□ Will my child qualify for financial aid? Where do I start?


□ What should I do with my 401(k) after I change jobs?
□ Can we get by on one income?
□ What is the best way to gift assets to loved ones?
□ How do I help my recent college grad transition into the workforce?
□ What do I do when a loved one dies?
□ What can you tell me about starting a business or the advantages of being self-employed?


□ Do I need long-term care insurance?
□ How does Medicare work?
□ What happens if I have to care for my parents?


□ Do I have enough life insurance?
□ Do we need an umbrella policy?
□ Should I keep contributing to a whole life policy?
□ How much disability insurance do I need?
□ What are my options for the annuity I have?
□ What should I do with my long-term care insurance policy if I don’t think I’ll need it?
□ What are my health insurance options?
□ Do I have the right beneficiaries named?
□ Do I have the right amount of Property & Casualty and Professional Liability insurance?
□ Should I (or my kids) purchase renters insurance?


□ What should I know about estate planning?
□ How do I know if our estate plan needs to be updated?
□ How do I protect my estate from taxes?
□ Will my family be secure if something happens to me?
□ How do I create a legacy for my children?
□ Can I provide for my favorite charity when I am gone?
□ What will my survivors need to know?


□ How do I keep my records safe and organized?
□ How do I do a better job budgeting?
□ How do I manage or reduce my debt?
□ How do I teach little kids about money?
□ How do I help a young adult establish a financial strategy?
□ What do we do with all the equity in our home?
□ How do I have financial discussions with family?
□ What kind of lifestyle can we expect in retirement?
□ Are their ways we can save on health care expenses?


Please provide the following documents, as they apply (copies are fine):

□ Bank Statements
□ Brokerage & Mutual Fund Statements
□ Investment Basis Information
□ 401(k) Account Statements
□ 529 Account Statements
□ Investment Real Estate Information
□ Investment Partnership Information
□ Federal & State Income Tax Returns
□ W-2 Forms
□ Recent Pay Stub
□ Company Benefits Information
□ Company Stock Option, Restricted Stock, RSU grant information
□ Mortgage Statement
□ Life Insurance Policies
□ Disability Insurance Policies
□ Long-Term Care Insurance Policies
□ Current Wills
□ Trust Documents
□ Gift Tax Returns
□ Social Security Statement or description of benefits
□ Other                                 
□ Other