Tax Deduction Drama: The Catch-Up Contributions Countdown!

Fellow high-earning Americans, listen up! There’s some tax deduction drama heading this way next year. Currently, all of you fabulous 50-and-better workers can make catch-up contributions to your 401(k) accounts, up to a cool $7,500. But guess what? Starting January 1, 2024, that party could be shut down.

Those catch-up contributions might only be allowed in after-tax Roth accounts if you earn more than $145,000 annually. Congress wants you to pay more taxes upfront during your high-rolling years rather than during your retirement when you may be in a lower tax bracket.

However, there’s a silver lining! Roth accounts offer some tax diversification magic when you retire. You can tap into that money tax-free during those years when touching other accounts would have Uncle Sam reaching into your pockets.

Now, take note: this change only relates to your 401(k)s, not your IRA accounts. And some companies are asking Congress to hit the snooze button on this for a few years. They’re not quite ready to deal with the tax rule shake-up, and they’ve got some serious paperwork to sort out.

Here’s the deal: make the most of this year by maxing out those pre-tax 401(k) contributions while you still can! You might lose that sweet tax benefit of catch-up contributions next year. And hey, if all this tax talk has you scratching your head, call your ZRC wealth advisor, and they’ll come to your financial rescue!


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